Idyllic moments

After two days in a row with heavy mountain trekking, we needed a day to rest. It was also time for us to leave beautiful Reine and explore more of Lofoten. I was going to miss our lovely little cabin here with those spectacular views surrounding it on all sides. This is without a doubt one of the nicest places I've stayed. Our cabin was called Egilbua and belongs to Sakris√ły rorbuer drifted by a very nice and helpful lady called Dagmar. If you want a place with an astonishing view right outside your doorstep and a simple but cosy and nostalgic atmosphere, this is the place to be!
Our next stop was Nysfjord, located in the heart of Lofoten. It's known for two vast beaches Flakstad and Ramberg, as well as some hidden gems and more towering mountain tops waiting to be conquered.

We spent the day driving about and stopping numerous times to take pictures of this magnificent scenery. As well as having a little siesta on one of the beaches and planning our excursion for tomorrow.

Oh and by the way I'm so glad I got this polaroid camera. I've been using it a lot during this trip and it creates such great photos with that extra little nostalgic flair that only a polaroid can give. It's a definite must-have to capture those holiday moments!