Going to miss my gorgeous model and muse Miriam!
We always have such a good time taking pictures together! Have a safe trip back to Wien! Come back to Oslo soon!
Love working with this girl :)

Fields of Gold

All inspired by nature these days.
These are the photos I promised you last weekend, taken with my faithful little Canon camera, that always tags along on my walks out in the forest.
Again it's goodbye to another weekend and goodmorning to a new week.
These days I'm quite astonished by how quickly the days go by. And the good thing is that I often think: Wow! It's Friday again already!  So even though I always find Mondays pretty rough, I've started to look at them as a fresh and new start, a possibility to either start on a new project or getting closer to fullfilling those never-ending "to do" lists. That's how I try to keep myself from getting the Monday blues on Sunday evenings. And before I know it - yepp, it will be the weekend again!

True Love

My newest addition and addiction.
The Olympus OM-D E-M5.
This one's a keeper!

September Sunday

I can start to feel autumn slowly creeping up on us now. I really like those moments when you sense the change in the air as one season takes over for another, especially the transition from summer to autumn. It's almost as if it pushes you to aim for some changes in your own life. I've already noticed it in myself. These past weeks I've felt extremely balanced & in a very zen-like zone. I'm more focused & have suddenly gotten a whole new flow of inspiration & ideas when it comes to my photography.
So in order to make the most of this newfound energy, I felt like getting up this morning & going for a walk in the woods. There something quite unique & very enjoyable about being alone out in nature. One of the biggest perks of living in Oslo, is that it takes me only a short walk from the city centre, until I'm submerged in the forest. Here are some iPhone snapshots of my Sunday walk:
If my heart was made of glass and someone broke it, this is what it would look like.
(I really liked the little autumn leaf that chose to lie down in that actual spot)
heading south
lonesome tree



(More photos taken with my original camera coming up - hopefully tomorrow)