The Best Kind Of Quiet


My favourite places are usually by the water.
And exploring abandoned places are always so fascinating, I'm intrigued by all the memories that still lie around in the air and I always feel like I'm an intruder, disturbing a place that has fallen asleep many years ago and that is slowly starting to stir, awakened by my unwanted and curious presence.

All photos are taken in the South of Norway.

Grå fjell

Taken from Reinebringen mountaintop.
Now that I'm back from my amazing holiday in Lofoten, and I have access to internet and my computer,  I'm going through all the photos that I took with my cameras. And this is the first one that I've developed.
In the meantime you can enjoy a little visual diary with iPhone photos from the past week, in the posts below.

Polaroid memories

Last days

Our last days here up in the north, where spent in Henningsvær. This is a pittoresque little Lofoten town. It was also a lot more touristy than the other places we visited. There are more shops, little cafés and restaurants by the water here, as well as lots of place to camp, go mountain climbing and a very nice and big sandy beach. It's very nice to just walk around here and look at all these little wooden tree houses and explore the coastline. 

But what I liked best here was their unique art gallery. It's inside a restored kaviar factory with a beautiful view. Now called Kavi Fac Ory. I actually wish I could live in that building, it was the exact model of what my dreamhouse would look like. I'm seriously obsessed with that place now.

The best part with this gallery was the photo exhibition they had on the 2nd floor. It was by the very talented Rune Johansen who has this amazing way of seeing beauty in the simplest things. His photos of ordinary people and their homes and belongings are so inspiring and wonderful to look at. They really had a great display in this gallery with big square windows lighting up the room as well as offering you a panoramic view of the sea and those huge jagged mountaintops. Leaving this place I'm determined to someday have a similar spectacular exhibition of my photographs.