Christina Nelson on Le Couronnement Du Bouc

Julie Lansom has made a feature about me, on the beautiful photography site Le Couronnement Du Bouc.
Julie who runs this site, asked me to write a little about my photos, and she created this nice post with a selection of my images. So there you can read a little about what I like so much about photography and what I enjoy taking pictures of.
Julie is also an amazing french photographer and I often go on her website to get inspiration. I especially love the unique way she photographs people.

Inspiration : Stars & Cars from the 50's

I thought I'd show you where I get some of my inspiration from and what type of photography that has influenced my own photography style.

As many photographers, I collect photobooks. And I'm very fond of each one of them. They're my babies and I display them on bookshelves, in the window and on tables in my apartment. I wanted to share with you one of my books, which contains all my favourite things: black&white photos, moviestars from the 50's, like Brigitte Bardot, Clark Gable, Audrey Hepburn and vintage cars ( it even has photos of my #1 dream car - the Ferrari 250gt Spider California). It's basicly a book with fabulous black and white photos of beautiful people, all taken on the French Riviera.

Edward Quinn is the amazing photographer who has taken all the photos in this book.
I have just photographed his images from the book I have. So I take no credit for the great photos, though I wish there was a way to recreate that lifestyle and the looks from that era!


(All photos are b&w in the book, the light in my apartment has created that sepia tone on some of the photos, which I kind of liked, so I left it like that.)

New York Belle

A few days before Christmas I was reunited with my dear friend Elle, who was visiting from New York. Here are a few snapshots from our coffee date. Elle works at Vogue, is a truly gifted writer and needless to say that her unique sense of style and her work ethic is a true inspiration for me. I hope to get the opportunity to go to and visit her sometime in the near future and explore and photograph the wonders of New York city. You can read more about her New York life on Elle's Empire State.