Went out to take pictures today of this creepy building, it's an old abandoned mental hospital, which lies outside of Oslo. Were so many interesting and great photo opportunities here. Such a strange place! It was closed many years ago, but there are still traces from the people who where patients there. But definitly not the place I would venture out to after dark.


These pictures were part of a compositon task we had at school this week. Yet, another picture of me "sleeping"! These last weeks have been crazy, I have no time for anything, but to take pictures. We constantly have work to do, in all the different classes. So when I'm not at school, I'm out taking photos or testing out different lighting effects in the studio. And I also try to continue to take pictures on the side, for fun and for myself, where I have no need to complete a specific task. So sleeping and taking pictures are kind of the main ingredients in my life right now! But I'm really enjoying it and wouldn't have it anyother way for the moment.
As always I get tons of inspiration from looking at the amazing pictures that are posted on your sites! Gives me many ideas for future projects :)