Backyard Beauties

I have these gorgeous rhododendrons in my backyard and they just keep blooming more and more for each day. I just can't stop photographing them, causing me to miss the bus to work in the mornings. I just wish these pretty flowers could stay in bloom all year round.

The fantastic Somewhere Magazine, featured some of my work on their website.
It's such an honor to be showcased here, alongside so many other great photographers and inspirational artists.

Back to my island

Lopud, Croatia 
May 2015

Spring is here to stay

The Cherry Blossom print is up for sale 

Cherry Blossoms And White Shirts

I am totally obsessed with trees in bloom as the first days of Spring arrive. I can't stop taking pictures of these beautiful flowers with the blue skies as a backdrop. I wish we could have these gorgeous cherry blossoms all year round, they always disappear too quickly. So this year I decided to really enjoy them and admire them as much as possible. Since I also have my muse and favourite fashion blogger back in town, what could be better than to combine the two in a photoshoot.
This pretty babe is rocking that 70's vibe under the cherry blossoms. Check out the rest of the photos on my website: