La conversation

I have always been fascinated by old people. I saw this handsomely dressed old man in the park and had to photograph him while he was standing there observing the birds. And it even looks like he's having a conversation with one of the ducks. Then again, maybe he was.

The timing of sunsets

Took some pictures of my friend Benedicte, right before the sun went down. Been really inspired by black and white photography these past days, so wanted to try this out again.
Also just finished my photography exam, so now I'm on my own to pursue my passion. Feeling the need to surround myself with other creative souls this summer, continue taking pictures of people who inspire and looking forward to new and challenging photography opportunies coming up in the near future.


"These days I find myself unlearning a lot of concepts like being mad, and instead searching for better ways to keep my mind focused on the productive and good feeling alternative. Life is short and life is beautiful, when you keep that in mind you realize there’s not much value in focusing on things that make you think otherwise."

I found these wise words on my favorite music site. I think they describe exactly the way I look upon life now and how important it is to live in the moment, take charge of your own destiny and make things happen for yourself. Especially when you're following a more creative path in life. And remember that everything is possible, the impossible just takes a little longer to achieve.

Thanks to Juliana for letting me take these pictures of her and being a great model as always. We found our own little jungle and swamplike surroundings in the middle of town the other day, which where perfect for the vision I had for this shoot.