Le Portfolio

The past weeks I've been trying to put together an electronic portfolio. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to chosing which photos represent me the best and putting them together in an order that makes sense, so it took a while. It's harder then one might think to figure out which photos go well next to eachother. So here's the final result for the moment.
In just two days, I'm off to the south of France for two weeks with my man! Olalala, can't wait to be at La Côte D'Azur again !

Speaking of the French Riviera, I've created a tumblr site, where I post all those inspirational and amazing photos I've discovered on great blogs and photography sites out there. It's updated daily and if you want your work to be featured on the site, just join the French Riviera group on flickr and your photos might appear there as well :)

The Mountain Top Project

Photo documentary: Mountain top # 3 - Gaustatoppen

I love being in the outdoors and taking pictures of all the fascinating places and nature I encounter. So recently, me and my boyfriend came up with an idea for a fun and challenging new project : to climb the highest mountain in each county here in Norway. Norway is divided in 19 counties, so this might take us some time :)
These photos are from the third mountain we've been to. We decided to drive there and spend the night in a tent at the bottom of the mountain, before conquering the great hights.
Unfortunately it started raining the moment we got in the car and it continued to rain for the rest of the weekend. That's the reason for the many grey and misty photos. Once we got the tent was up, I crawled into it, while K went looking for wood to make a fire. I have to mention that I have never been camping before, so this was a whole new experience for me. Surprisingly I've never slept as good as I did that night, although I'm positive I heard something moving in the grass outside the tent, before falling asleep! But it was so cozy to snuggle next to my favorite person, listen to the rain pattering on the tent and knowing that you were out in the middle of nature (and nowhere). The next day I woke up super early to an amazing view, it was still slightly raining and huge foggy clouds hovered over the mountain and lakes below us. While cooking our breakfast over the open fire, the fog came back and we were swept in a cloak of mist in just a matter of minutes. And this thick mist would stay with us for the rest of our trip.
Then it was time to start our climb. It was a tough climb, but a great workout and a good way to experience the challenges of climbing a mountain under rough weather conditions. It took about two hours to get to the top. The only thing that I missed was the wonderful view you're supposed to get when climbing up these hills. This mountain top in particular is known for its spectacular view, but beacause of the fog and bad weather we didn't get to see any of it. But we're planning to go back, only next time we'll make sure to pick a day the sun is shining.