Mikael - Portraits - Part II

Here are the a few more photos from my shoot with Mikael :

Mikael - Portraits - Part I

Photoshoot with my fellow frenchman Mikael.

Last weekend I had a great Sunday afternoon, taking pictures with Mikael. He also has a great taste in music, very similar to mine, so we couldn't have had better background music during the shoot. Some of you might notice the Richard Avedon inspired frames in the first photos, from his project "American West". I think the fact that Mikael had a huge print of one of Avedons photographs in his apartment, inspired me to create a similar effect in my photos.
I have a few more photos that I will be posting this week as well. So check back in a few days :)

The Perfect Norwegian Getaway

Visual diary from last weekend.

You probably already know by now, that getting in the car and driving out into the wild is one of my favorite things to do. Driving on these snow covered roads with my boyfriend, to get to his cabin surrounded by the forest and mountains is just pure bliss for me. And encountering the flock of deers again just made the whole trip even more unique.