Winter wonders


Just loving winter and the holidays

Model Polaroids

New update on the website.
I'm in the process of updating my official website right now.
First out is a new serie with polaroids from a shoot I had a while ago.
Check it out here

Be Right Back

Still so much to do.
But now that I have a few days off for Christmas, I'm going to work on updating my sites and post some new photos.
Promise to be back soon!
In the meantime enjoy the holidays!


Time just flies by these days.
I'm having trouble keeping up and updating this page regularly.
But I'm going through all the photo material I have that has been piling up and will be back soon with more updates. In the meantime here are some photos of the wonderful norwegian forest, in which I try to spend as much time as possible nowadays. These photos are from a few weeks back, before winter arrived and covered it all in a beautiful coat of white snow.


Defeated Magazine

I was so happy when I discovered Monday morning, that two of my photos were featured in Defeated Magazine - The Sleepers Issue.
This magazine always contains such beautiful and artistic photography, by super talented photographers, so I couldn't ask for a better way to start the week.
Look at the rest of the issue here. 
The cover photo is by: Sergey Filimonov:

Interview in Voight Kampff Magazine

Voight Kampff Magazine did a feature on me recently. See it online here.
And you will also be able to see it in their November print issue, which I'm very excited about!
You can also check out earlier publications from Voight Kampff here.
Many amazing photos and talented photographers in there to draw inspiration from.

The Last Remains Of Autumn


The last day of October:
Autumn is now coming to an end and I try to capture the last remaining specs of colors out in nature, before winter sets in and it becomes all white. Although I'm looking forward to the frost and landscapes covered in snow, autumn holds a special place in my heart. But with new seasons, comes new changes, something that I'm looking forward to at the moment.

The Stillness Of It All




My David Lynch interpretation of life lately.
 Taking pictures in foggy weather always gets me really inspired and that mist creates such a cinematic atmosphere.
I'm always wishing that my life was a movie,
and on days like this, it nearly feels as if it is.

A Sad But Beautiful Day

It's strange how sadness and beauty go so well together.
A beautiful moment can sometimes be very sad.
And when feeling sad, you often become more aware of the elements of beauty that surround you.

To My Nostalgia

Two more photos.

Looking Back As We Move Forward

A first tiny preview of my current project.
I wanted to start sharing a few of the photos from my recent project. It's all very new and in the making at the moment, and it will continue to be that way as it continues to grow and develop in the days (weeks, months?) to come.
Even though I've had many thoughts and ideas regarding what I want to capture in my photos, I'm trying to not have too many plans or boundaries on this one; kind of similar to how I live my life.

The iPhone Diaries - Autumn beginnings



Photos from this last week.
At the moment I'm really embracing the beauty of autumn.
And even if I recently started posting my snapshots on Instagram, I thought I should still continue sharing a few exclusives on the blog as well.
I love the begining of the fall season. I can't stop admiring all these beautiful autumn colors that keep changing from day to day - and at the moment I can also relate that to my everyday life. Constant changes are happening from day to day, some of them totally spinning out of my control. 
But I guess that's what makes life interesting and I've always said that I liked a challenge ..


I know I said I wasn't going to fall for the Instagram hype. But in the end I had to cave in and join along with the rest of the world!
You can find me on le_photograph


Going to miss my gorgeous model and muse Miriam!
We always have such a good time taking pictures together! Have a safe trip back to Wien! Come back to Oslo soon!
Love working with this girl :)

Fields of Gold

All inspired by nature these days.
These are the photos I promised you last weekend, taken with my faithful little Canon camera, that always tags along on my walks out in the forest.
Again it's goodbye to another weekend and goodmorning to a new week.
These days I'm quite astonished by how quickly the days go by. And the good thing is that I often think: Wow! It's Friday again already!  So even though I always find Mondays pretty rough, I've started to look at them as a fresh and new start, a possibility to either start on a new project or getting closer to fullfilling those never-ending "to do" lists. That's how I try to keep myself from getting the Monday blues on Sunday evenings. And before I know it - yepp, it will be the weekend again!