A french holiday - Part 2

So here are some more picture from my holiday in France. It's great to know that many of you enjoy the south of France as much as I do :)
As requested I'm going to try and be more specific in regard to the locations of where the photos are from:
The lovely, little old lady in the first pic, is at the market in Aix.
The rest of the pictures are taken at my friend's house in the middle of Provence, not far from Aix actually. They have restored an old, typical provencal house, surrounded by vinyards and lavender fields. In the background you have those famous mountains, that inspired Cezanne and which he painted on numerous occasions.

Last days of September

Appreciating the beauty of my daily surroundings through the camera lens.

A french holiday

Since I'm half french, France has always had a place in my heart and I wish I could travel there more often. Here is Part 1 of my last holiday there. The pictures are from the south of France- Provence and Nice.

Memories from the weekend

A small collection of diverse sights from the weekend.

Summer garden

Some of the last summer photos, before autumn sets in. The green lush garden filled with flowers. And even a bambi hiding in the bushes!

Romantic surroundings

One of the most beautiful places I've visited- Kiddington in England. My sister got married here and it was definitly the perfect setting for a wedding.

Update: I recently read that the whole estate is now up for sales for £42 million. Built in 1673 and with 2,000 acres of land and it comes complete with a village of 18 homes! Any takers?