Stockholm - The First Days

I'm in Stockholm now, such a great city. The architecture is splendid, the people look like they've stepped off a runway and I'm enjoying just exploring the streets with my camera. I'll post more photos as I discover more great motifs to photograph.

-Me, the tourist :)

Miscellaneous summer photos

A little mix of photos from the last few weeks.

I haven't had time to arrange and plan photo shoots these days. So whenever I have some time-off from work, I've been randomly taking photos of people and lots of nature, that catch my eye. Tomorrow is my last day at work, before some much needed vacation :) Can't wait for those days, where I can do whatever I want, sleep for how long I want or stay up all night if that's what I feel like. I'll definitly also have more time to dedicate to photography, since I have quite a few ideas I want to try out as soon as possible!

Back To Wilderness

Out of the dark and into the light,
when the morning comes I will be alright.
- The Coral, In the morning.

Spending the summer days back where I grew up. Surrounded by this beautiful nature and wild forest, it feels like I'm in an amazonian forest and not in a capital city. And it's what inspired this indian-themed shoot. It's so great to just spend a whole day outside taking pictures, doing what I like the best, nothing compares :)

Model: Juliana

That day at the beach

One of those perfect summerdays when I had the beach all to myself.