Conquering great hights and a little hippie beach life

Where do I begin with this day? I didn't think it would be possible to have a better day than our trip to unique Bunes. But this comes pretty close! Again we started off with a hiking trip up a steep mountain called Ryten. We could look down on the gorgeous Kvalvika beach below us and it was very tempting to just run down and enjoy those white sands, but that would have to wait.
This walk started off like our other hiking trips, with some very steep climbing, but then the terrain flattened out and there was a clear path you could follow all the way to the summit. There were times during this walk where it was very windy, but all in all it was a fairly agreeable walk and less challenging than our previous hikes.

Not a bad view for lunch right? After a bit to eat, we set off for the big descent and some fun down on the beach. Needless to say, I was very much in my element! The water was ice cold here as well, but there's nothing I like better than clear blue waves, and jumped into them without hesitation. Oh, and I forgot to mention that we had this whole glorious beach all to ourselves! I feel so lucky to have experience this wonderful place!

I will definitly always remember these magical moments in the mountains and on the beach. It's so surreal to be surrounded by all this beauty and as well have such chance with the weather. Lofoten has put a spell on me, and I really don't want to leave this heavenly little part of nothern Norway.

Idyllic moments

After two days in a row with heavy mountain trekking, we needed a day to rest. It was also time for us to leave beautiful Reine and explore more of Lofoten. I was going to miss our lovely little cabin here with those spectacular views surrounding it on all sides. This is without a doubt one of the nicest places I've stayed. Our cabin was called Egilbua and belongs to Sakrisøy rorbuer drifted by a very nice and helpful lady called Dagmar. If you want a place with an astonishing view right outside your doorstep and a simple but cosy and nostalgic atmosphere, this is the place to be!
Our next stop was Nysfjord, located in the heart of Lofoten. It's known for two vast beaches Flakstad and Ramberg, as well as some hidden gems and more towering mountain tops waiting to be conquered.

We spent the day driving about and stopping numerous times to take pictures of this magnificent scenery. As well as having a little siesta on one of the beaches and planning our excursion for tomorrow.

Oh and by the way I'm so glad I got this polaroid camera. I've been using it a lot during this trip and it creates such great photos with that extra little nostalgic flair that only a polaroid can give. It's a definite must-have to capture those holiday moments!

Bunes beach - total bliss

It's difficult to describe how perfect this day was. But hopefully the photos can help illustrate this gorgeous day. We started off early, taking a ferryboat out to Vindstad. Here we began yet another hiking trip up to a mountain top called Brunakseltind. Again this climb was also pretty steep and it took aproximately one and a half hour to reach the top. But all the way you have an amazing view! You can look down on the valley below with the tiny little wooden houses, the winding road and the towering mountaintops. As you get higher you get to admire the view  on both sides of the mountain which is breathtaking. I have to say that this hiking trip is even more beautiful than yesterday's! And I really recommend people to go here, it will leave you speechless !

Once at the top you can enjoy a well deserved lunch and rest. Here you also get a third gorgeous view to admire, of the famous Bunes beach.

And having safely reached the foot of the mountain, we finally got to enjoy this beautiful Bunes beach. It's a huge beach, you have to walk at least two kilometers before you reach the water. I always get super excited when I'm on a sandy beach and see the waves rolling in, so in a matter of seconds I had stripped off my clothes and ran out in the icecold water! Nothing feels more refreshing than swimming naked in those clear waters! True definition of freedom! 

On top of the world - Reinebringen

Since me and my boyfriend love to go hiking and especially reaching the summit of mountains, we decided to start off our week in Lofoten by climbing Reinebringen. It's one of the most popular hiking trips in the area, but fairly tough as well. The climb only takes about an hour, but it's extremely steep all the 500 meters up. But then again you are rewarded with a spectacular view :

We ended this wonderful day with a little sightseeing in Å. 
And had some delucious local dishes at Hamnøy Mat og Vinbu.

Summer in Lofoten - day 1 in Reine

I'm having the time of my life in beautiful Lofoten, north in Norway. I'm so glad we decided to stay in Norway this summer and since we arrived we've only had magnificent sunny days! So lucky! And the sun never goes down, this midnight sun fascinates me, it's always light here! 

Our first stay-over was in Reine. This place is just breathtaking. If you visit Lofoten, you must stay here at least a couple of days! We lived in charming little cabins (rorbuer) right by the sea with an amazing view: 

This place has it all! It has unique photo opportunities, the light is just amazing! We had dinner at a lovely little restaurant called Gammel Bua. Delicious food and wine and really high quality standard! 

At The Lake

Beautiful Norway during summer.