Awake And Dreaming

Photos from the shoot with the Blonde Snapshots girl :)
I've also uploaded the photos individually on flickr. So if you wish to see each photo seperately just click here.

Spinning Away

These perfect weekends.
Spending time exploring nature.

Blonde Snapshots

model Malin

Yesterday I met up with Malin to take a coffee and plan a photoshoot, since I've been wanting to take pictures of her for a while. Here are a few quick testshots I did at the coffee house. Hopefully we'll be taking more photos in a week. I'm so looking forward to having a real shoot with her. At the moment I'm very inspired by some old pictures of a very young Kate Moss. I'm thinking about maybe using them as inspiration and recreating a similar mood and energy in our pictures.

photos taken by gene lemuel in 1988 (via

A Little More Personal

I mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to share with you some of my favorite shots from the wedding. Here are the ones I've saved for last and that I feel represent my style the most as well as being my own personal favorites.