A Travel Diary

Currently working on this little project. 
As Oslo is covered in snow and ice, I escape to warmer climates in the afternoons through my numerous photos taken in the Seychelles. 
I hope it will end up in a nice little collection describing my adventures in this tropical paradise.
And yes, my New Year's resolution and goal to take new photos everyday, didn't exactly go as planned I'm afraid. Trying to take quality photos each day and posting them here was much tougher than I had hoped. I blame it on full time jobs and having pratically no light to work with in the winter season. These factors, unfortunately, kill my inspiration and imagination. 
But I will definitely continue to post more often that I used to and share both new and old photos and keep you updated on the different projects I am working on.
Stay tuned for more tropical bliss.


The snow just keeps on falling.




It started to snow this weekend.


Wow, keeping this resolution about posting at least once a day, was tougher than I thought. Being forced to stay at home sick, as well and having nearly no energy might also have had an impact. But I am slowly feeling better, have started to take pictures again and will make up for the missing posts.

Oslo, January 2015.


Continuing to work on my northern homes project. Can you spot the tiny house?


Pour Paris et Charlie Hebdo


I've been sick the past days, so needless to say, my creativity and the will to pick up my camera has been severely diminished. But I still have been very motivated to work with my photos and have been diving into my lightroom catalogues and started working on a nice little series from my trip to the Lofoten, in Northern Norway.

I am so fascinated by people's homes, the house (especially if they are tiny), the location, what's in the windows -it all gets me so curious. I keep making up stories about who lives there and try to imagine what it would be like to live there myself and what their daily life consists of.
Here are three homes, that really get my imagination running wild.
More to come...


Celebrating my mums birthday.


Today I am not posting any image that I have photographed on this very day.
Instead I have chosen to post a couple of photos taken in September on the tropical islands of the Seychelles. All afternoon, I have been going through all the photos I took on my trip to the Seychelles and started to edit some of them. I always find the process of looking through thousands of photos after a long vacation and trying to organise them all, very tideous and time-consuming. Although it is fun to reminisce and find those forgotten gems among all the photos, I always need to have some time away from the photos and return with a fresh mind to start looking through them again.
So a couple of months have passed and now I can start sharing some of my memories and adventures from this beautiful place with you.

These photos are from the postcard-perfect island of Praslin. Although on this particular day it was raining heavily and these big grey clouds were hovering above the ocean all day. Instead of staying inside our hotel room, we decided to go diving. This is the first time I have tried it and it was definitely a great experience. It was such a contrast to dive beneath the angry waves and find yourself in such peaceful and quiet surroundings at the bottom of the sea. There were so many exciting and strange creatures and plants to look at in this underwater world. Without a doubt something I would love to do again.


Sunset, Grünerløkka.




Holmendammen, first day of 2015.

Dad's sketches.

One of my New Years resolutions is to challenge myself to take new photos everyday. 
And post one or more here each day. This way I hope I can keep my creativity flowing and capture interesting, meaningful, sentimental moments or just an image that represents how I felt or what I did that day.
The most important for me is to keep my eyes open and pay attention and be more aware of my surroundings.
Lots of exciting things await in this year to come. I know there will be some big changes happening in my life in 2015 and I want to document it, as well as photograph the people and places I see on the way.
So here it goes.