Today I am not posting any image that I have photographed on this very day.
Instead I have chosen to post a couple of photos taken in September on the tropical islands of the Seychelles. All afternoon, I have been going through all the photos I took on my trip to the Seychelles and started to edit some of them. I always find the process of looking through thousands of photos after a long vacation and trying to organise them all, very tideous and time-consuming. Although it is fun to reminisce and find those forgotten gems among all the photos, I always need to have some time away from the photos and return with a fresh mind to start looking through them again.
So a couple of months have passed and now I can start sharing some of my memories and adventures from this beautiful place with you.

These photos are from the postcard-perfect island of Praslin. Although on this particular day it was raining heavily and these big grey clouds were hovering above the ocean all day. Instead of staying inside our hotel room, we decided to go diving. This is the first time I have tried it and it was definitely a great experience. It was such a contrast to dive beneath the angry waves and find yourself in such peaceful and quiet surroundings at the bottom of the sea. There were so many exciting and strange creatures and plants to look at in this underwater world. Without a doubt something I would love to do again.