The First Glimpse

It's here! The first copy of my very first photobook :)
The official launch is going to be the 6th of June in Oslo. I'll be showing the book alongside 9 other photographers. Very excited, especially since the last days have been so stressful getting it all finished. And then there was the long wait filled with anticipation after having ordering it. Now I finally have it in my hands and can give you a very first look inside!

Book Release :
June 6
at Filipstadveien 5,
Lund Hagems lokaler, 3 etg. (over Galleri Riis)

Polaroid Travel Diary

Here are the polaroids I promised you.
I really like that vintage faded effect you get with polaroid photos, it makes it look like we were on this vacation 20 years ago :)

Also I'm awaiting the first edition of my photobook tomorrow hopefully! The official launch is in two weeks, so I'm so excited to see how it turned out and if I can order some more copies straight away, so I have them in time for the big day. It's my first book and I'm a bit nervous to see how the print and layout will look in book format! Will definitly share more about this when I receive it! I'm planning on posting a little sneakpeek of the book here as soon as I can.

Lunar landscape

Travel Photos:

Pretty unbelievable landscapes from around the Teide vulcano in Tenerife. Some places it looked like you were on the set of futuristic movie or on a different planet. The scenery changed from deserted plains, to really lush forests and back again to rocky mountain landskapes, very fascinating!
I'll be uploading some nice polaroids from the same trip a bit later, so come back soon to see. Tenerife and vulcanic landscapes look good in faded colours as well :)

Home of Le Photograph

Here are some interior details from my home, so you can see how the photographer lives :) 
Recently I was inspired to add some new touches here and there and show you photos of how it turned out. It's always been important to me, to make the place I live in a personal reflection of myself. So now I feel that my apartment has a very "me" feel about it. I love to surround myself with inspiration, especially beautiful photos and books and other vintage artifacts. There's such a good and relaxing vibe in this place and that helps me with my work; coming up with new ideas & developing on-going projects. I will try and post more photos of my creative little haven in future posts as well.

 The french touch: photobook "Parisiennes - A celebration of french women", fresh flowers and printed photo by Lars Botten

 Best magazine out there, Carl's Cars

 My dad's old camera and framed photo by Roberta Ridolfi

Light and shadows on an unmade bed

Raindrops and sunshine on the window

Rising Star

Keep your eyes on this beauty.

Elle Fure is in Oslo this week and I'm so happy to hang out with her and hear all about her New York life and amazing future plans. It's always so inspiring to be around creative souls like her. 
She has my type of mentality when it comes to work and reaching your goals: always keep working hard to get what you desire. I also love that she's always telling me to continue believing in my work and passion and that you just have to keep pushing for it, whatever challenges get in the way.

So I'm really excited to see the projects she's been working on, come to life this summer! It's going to be BIG !

Snapshots - Cars & Creatures

Here are some snapshots that I found on my old mobile phone.
All photos have been taken some time during 2011, and bring back good memories. And especially on days when I haven't got my camera with me, it's good to have captured those special sights that one can encounter on a normal day. Also I'm obsessed with vintage cars, so each time I spot one, I have to take a photo. 
The pretty dog in the photos, belongs to my mentor and favorite photographer - Lars Botten.
He's recently started an amazing photo diary, take a look here.