A first step

A few months ago, I got the good news that some of my skateboarding photos were chosen for an exhibition. So after many months of waiting, the day has come and the exhibition is this weekend at the Norwegian Museum of photography (Preus museum) in connection with the official day of photography in Norway. Very excited since this will be my first time showcasing some of my photos alongside other photographers, and the first time they will be viewed by a large audience. No need to say that I'm looking forward to this weekend!
Here are the six photos I'll be showing. (I've posted some of them here earlier)

6 hour train journey

How to make time go faster on a long train ride? I started taking pictures of course :) It was quite the challenge trying to capture that scenery when the train rushes by at such speed and I wasn't always sure if I managed to photgraph what I saw in time, before we had driven past! Shooting through the dirty train windows also made a very interesting effect, it created a misty and softer look in the pictures and the texture in some of the photos reminds me of paintings.

All photos taken on the train journey Stockholm to Oslo.