On The Road

I'm far from being on the road. I'm actually having a very lazy Sunday at home.
This photo was taken a few months ago in Sweden. As I've probably mentioned a hundred times before, I'm so obsessed with vintage cars. This classic car slowing down by the bus stop and that green forest in the background, gives me the feel of a cinematic moment. Maybe there's even a little David Lynch feel to it..

Into The Sea

My fascintation for water, the ocean and waves translated into photographs.
Being near the sea, on a beach and the smell of saltwater, really puts me at my happiest!
The rest of the serie can be seen here on the official site

French Touch

And then the weekend was here.
Hope you've enjoyed a more active blog this week. I'll be posting the whole serie of this shoot with Miriam on my website soon. And I also have a photoserie inspired by waves and water! Will post a teaser from this project tomorrow!
Goodnight for now.

I Wear Roses

More polaroids.
I still have a lot of photographs to go through from the shoot with lovely Miriam, but having promised to post new photos here everyday this week, has definitly helped me be an effective worker! Although it does result in late nights in front of the computer screen & therefore difficulties getting up early in the mornings. But I've always said that developing photos and editing the material is one of my favorite past times. I guess it's one of my ways to clear the head and escape for while to do what I love the most.

model of the week: Miriam



 I give you faded polaroids.
I always love a good polaroid photo, probably my strong sense of nostalgia that's to blame for that.
The blog is undergoing a face lift as you might have noticed. I've always been a fan of "less is more" and that a simple design will look better with my photographs, because it's mostly what this blog is about - photography.
Remember to check out Le Photograph on facebook, I try to update it quite frequently and today I've reposted a wonderful photo of the greatest photographer ever - Henri Cartier-Bresson, who was born on this very day in 1908. He's always been a great source of inspiration and the main reason why I started with photography. The photo is sadly not taken by me (imagine how wonderful it would have been to meet him, have a chat and try out a few of his wonderful Leica cameras!!) But the picture is taken by photographer Dennis Stock in New York in 1961. (source Magnum photos)



Shades of Grey on a Monday

I've finally found the time to go through some of the photos from the last photoshoot I hade with my muse and beautiful model Miriam.
I'm going to try and be super effective this week and post a new photo for each day from the photo session we had.
And I do entend to keep my word, so come back tomorrow to see more pictures :)

Summer On Film

My love for shooting with old cameras continues. The results from this summer are very much delicious blurriness:

The iPhone Diaries - Another Week in August


The ingredrients of the week :

cake,  flowers,  models,  creepy dolls,  vintage cameras and interesting shopwindows.

I haven't had time to post that much lately, due to a troubled mind, too much work and a lot of photomaterial to go through. You can see some shots of my computer screen with photos from my latest photoshoot with beautiful Miriam. Very happy to be working with her again, hopefully you'll be able to see the results soon! Time is just rushing by a little too fast these days, but I'll be back as soon as possible, sharing with you more of my latest work.

The iPhone Diaries - First Week Of August

Photos taken here and there in Oslo town with the beloved iPhone.
It's fun how many pictures I take of things I see and do now that I have an iPhone. I love good memories, so documenting what goes on during a day is always fun. I've stayed away from the Instagram hype and the crazy photo-filter apps. It just doesn't appeal that much to me and I am a little particular and selective about how I want to represent my work.
So instead I will post a few photos from the everyday life here on the blog from time to time. Cause I do think that it's nice to be able to share it with someone out there :)