Dark Horse

This weekend, I went on another little roadtrip. It was raining most of the time and after a while we were surrounded by a cloak of fog. There's something so captivating by the mist slowly creeping up from the ground and wrapping itself along the sides of our car. All the houses with their dark windows seemed suddenly very uninviting and the landscapes looked like the perfect setting for a Hitchcock movie. So it was exactly my kind of creepy atmosphere, that I enjoy photographing!

Memory Lane

Nostalgic at heart
I've been so busy with my new job and have so much paperwork to go through these days, so I just haven't had time to take photos unfortunately. But ideas are piling up in my head and I have to put them to life very soon. And as you probably all know by now, I always find inspiration in anything with a vintage mood. I was totally overwhelmed when I found this amazing photoalbum at my parents house. Full of photos of them right after getting married, from their travels in Italy, the Alps and Norway. Here are a few that I photographed from the album. There's nothing more inspiring and beautiful than the atmosphere that's captured in old photographs. I think my newest source of inspiration from now on is going to be old photo albums!

Le Photograph on Facebook

I've decided to take part of the social media frenzy and create a Facebook page for Le Photograph blog. Here you can get the updates on my latest project, see when I create new blogposts and I'll be frequently posting photos of what I'm up to. I have about 10 fans at the moment, haha, that's pretty cute I think :) Click here or on the photos below and like my little fanpage. That will make me very happy!