Lundi matin

I'm thrilled cause I've got hold of some old cameras. Can't wait to buy film and see if they still work and especially how the pictures will turn out! I also got an old 8mm filmcamera. Only problem is that it will need some repair, hope I can bring it back to life! Would be wonderful to film with it. There's also a film roll that followed with it, only it says on the box that it expired March 1990! The first camera I'm posing with, is an Olympus Superzoom, it makes tons of noise when you turn it on and probably when you take pictures too. The last one is a gorgeous, very vintage looking Canon.


So yesterday I went out to try and photograph the cold afternoon light with a friend. We completely forgot that since it's soon winter, the days keep getting shorter and it gets dark much earlier than expected. We tried to chase the few remaining rays of light, but lucked out. Will have to keep in mind to start out much earlier next time. Still, did manage to take a few pictures with a slight mystical (even spooky?) lighting.
Thanx to Sean for letting me borrow his camera to take the photos and learning me a few great photoshop tips :) Check out his site.


I realise I'm kind of hooked on giving my photos that "old" look. But then again I'm a nostalgic. I love everything vintage, anything that has that 50's feel to it. I get really inspired when I look through my parents old albums. I'm a sucker for vintage designer bags and shoes, the only times I really enjoy shopping is when I'm in vintage boutiques and antiquities shops. Interior wise, I love to mix old and modern items in my apartment. I have nearly only been watching classic movies lately. (okay alot of 80's movies actually, but they never fail to put me in a good mood)! Everything that just pulls me back in time, appeals to me alot these days! It might have to do with the fact that life for the moment is getting so serious. The pressure of getting that dream job, buying your dream apartment ect. Growing up isn't always that easy and I guess that's why I have a tendency to go back in time instead :) For now that is...

Pure as snow

The first snowflakes started to fall a few days ago. So it wasn't totally unexpected when yesterday it snowed all through the night. But it will probably all melt away soon.
Well, no weekend for me this week. I'll be working long hours in the tv-studio the next days, but I am really looking forward to it! Next week, I'm definitly making sure to take time to go around and take lots of photos. Miss having a whole day off to just photograph!

Found this "traffic sign" at the entrance of an apartment building. If I lived there, it would without a doubt, put me in a good mood each time I came home

Just the two of us

I prefer to take pictures of people when they don't know it or when they least expect it. I often think that these photos turn out the best. The couple in the photos, are my sister and her boyfriend. I let them walk in front of me for a bit and then captured them on film without them knowing, to get that special moment.
Then gave the pictures an old romantic feel with the help of photoshop.