Bunes beach - total bliss

It's difficult to describe how perfect this day was. But hopefully the photos can help illustrate this gorgeous day. We started off early, taking a ferryboat out to Vindstad. Here we began yet another hiking trip up to a mountain top called Brunakseltind. Again this climb was also pretty steep and it took aproximately one and a half hour to reach the top. But all the way you have an amazing view! You can look down on the valley below with the tiny little wooden houses, the winding road and the towering mountaintops. As you get higher you get to admire the view  on both sides of the mountain which is breathtaking. I have to say that this hiking trip is even more beautiful than yesterday's! And I really recommend people to go here, it will leave you speechless !

Once at the top you can enjoy a well deserved lunch and rest. Here you also get a third gorgeous view to admire, of the famous Bunes beach.

And having safely reached the foot of the mountain, we finally got to enjoy this beautiful Bunes beach. It's a huge beach, you have to walk at least two kilometers before you reach the water. I always get super excited when I'm on a sandy beach and see the waves rolling in, so in a matter of seconds I had stripped off my clothes and ran out in the icecold water! Nothing feels more refreshing than swimming naked in those clear waters! True definition of freedom!