Le Portfolio

The past weeks I've been trying to put together an electronic portfolio. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to chosing which photos represent me the best and putting them together in an order that makes sense, so it took a while. It's harder then one might think to figure out which photos go well next to eachother. So here's the final result for the moment.
In just two days, I'm off to the south of France for two weeks with my man! Olalala, can't wait to be at La Côte D'Azur again !

Speaking of the French Riviera, I've created a tumblr site, where I post all those inspirational and amazing photos I've discovered on great blogs and photography sites out there. It's updated daily and if you want your work to be featured on the site, just join the French Riviera group on flickr and your photos might appear there as well :)