There's Something About This City

There really is something special about being in Paris.
Each time I'm here I'm just blown away by the beauty of it all. Paris is unique in that way. The atmosphere in the city always makes me feel like I've just fallen in love. I'm constantly walking around like in a dream and admiring everything I walk by. Paris is also such a photogenic city, everything you photograph just looks great and it's easy to recreate that dreamy feeling I feel inside me.
Here are some of my favourite photos, taken in Montmartre and along the banks of La Seine. The one I like the best is the photo of the old men, contemplating the image of the three lamas. I took that photo while sitting in a taxi actually. And I really like how surreal it looks, the reflection of the buildings, the two charming men in matching outfits and those three little lamas - it all comes together quite nicely, in a strange way.