The Paris Diaries - Paris de Luxe

City Of Fashion.
Our hotel was located right by the luxurious shopping street Rue St.Honoré, where you can find
all the famous designer shops. So it was impossible not to pay a visit to my favourite shop in Rue Cambon 31; Chanel, and try out some 2.55 bags. And it's fun to think about the fact that Miss Coco Chanel had her apartment and workshop on the floors just above the shop.
But everyone knows that I love anything vintage and Paris is the city of classic, chic style.
So I found this amazing little boutique that had masses of vintage Hermès luggage and a shelf that covered the entire wall, filled with vintage Chanel bags. The owners have been collecting all these items over 20 years, so you can just imaging the unique selection they had, this also included Chanel jackets, lots of vintage jewelry and even a vintage Chanel bicycle. 
Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow me (yet!) to splurge on all these magnificent items I saw. 
So instead I had to settle on a little windowshopping. It's amazing how much detail they put in decorating the shop windows, and quite entertaining to just walk up and down the streets admiring these. 

More photos of Parisian luxury coming up very soon.