Roadtrips & Alpacas

On Saturday we decided to take another one of our spontaneous roadtrips. I was feeling the need to get away from the city and find some new photo subjects. We headed out in the heavy snowfalls, without any expectations of what we might discover this time. As you can see from the photos we drove by vast and deserted plains partly hidden in the fog and covered in snow. In the end we arrived upon a rather charming place with a little flock of alpacas. An animal that has always fascinated me, but that I've never encountered. (probably since the majority of these creatures live in South-America, and yes they are related to lamas.)  Needless to say, I've always wanted to see alpacas and here I finally got to meet some and photograph their funny expressions.  

Photo below taken by the boyfriend, since I desperately wanted a photo of me and one of the alpacas: