THE PARIS DIARIES - Part II - Le Charme Parisien

La Tour Eiffel, view from Montmartre

The handsome "parisien" at the feet of la Tour Eiffel

Another perfect place for lunch


The classic macarons

La Tour Eiffel suddenly appears at the end of the street

Le Métro, which was sursprisingly easy to figure out, we never got lost

One of many bookstores in Montmartre

Carousel in Montmartre

The desperate and lamenting horses of the carousel

He had that crazed looked in his eyes

Paris in bloom


After only a few hours in Paris, I realised that I could very easily adjust to an everyday life consisting of croissants and café au lait for breakfast. Then jump on the metro to go explore another part of this elegant city or walk along the banks of La Seine. It's very tempting to give in to the dreams of living an artist (or even bohemian) life here, taking everything day by day and just enjoying these beautiful surroundings. There's clearly enough sources of inspiration here to last for a long time. But then again I think I appreciate all the charming little aspects of Paris even more when I'm only supposed to stay for a few days. I felt I cherished and enjoyed each and every moment I spent here as much as possible, knowing that this dream-vacation would have to come to an end after a few days. And let's hope that in the near future there will be opportunities to return and create more memories and take more photographs in lovely Paris.

still to be continued..
(loads of photos remaining)

Le Photograph enjoying the parisian life