The Golden Days


Even though autumn is coming to an end and the leaves keep falling off the trees as well as the hours of daylight get shorter and shorter for each day, we still are lucky enough to have some beautiful and sunny days left, before winter takes over.
We recently bought a new car and have been on little escapades every weekend on the nearby forest roads. As you know, I have a very serious car obsession and for some reason I always spot these unique beauties when I go on my roadtrips. This time I was overjoyed to discover to amazing Porsches taking a rest on the side of the road, looking out on the sunlight woods. There nothing I like better than to photograph cars out in nature, I just love the contrast between these powerful machines and those trees basking in the golden light.
I've been leaving some subtle hints on Facebook and Instagram about this new photo project that I've finally gotten the opportunity to start on. It's an idea I've had for a long time and I'm very excited about it. And of course it involves cars.
I'll give you a more detailed description very soon!