Copenhagen snapshots

I spent last weekend in Copenhagen, for the christening of my little nephew. This is such a great city and I love all the art galleries, furniture shops and beautiful designer boutiques that they have here. What I enjoy the most is just observing all these great places and getting inspiration from all the cool designs that are on display. (Although I would enjoy to bring back home a couple of pieces, or a dozen!)  Especially now that our new flat is all decked out in stylish and fresh scandinavian designs, I felt that every piece of furniture, lamps and decorations in these Danish shops would be perfect additions to our home. Unfortunately our suitcases prevented us from bringing back any of these treasures. We only had space for a few Christmas decorations this time. Also the architecture and the parks here are beautiful. It´s so enjoyable to go for walks in this city. As you can see in the pictures above, I really liked the botanical gardens in Kongen's Have. I can´t wait to back in Spring and see it all as it starts to blossom.
My sister and her husband have the coolest flat in the centre of Copenhagen, which also acts as a showroom and I always find their home so inspiring. A few of the photos above are from their super chic place.

All photos were taken with my good old iPhone.