iPhone Diaries - Arrival

Here come the photos from my vacation on a little paradise island. It is definitly one of the most beautiful places I've been to. Upon arrival I could already feel that this was a place filled with good energy and the perfect place to relax.
I should start blogging more on-the-go, but on this little island there was hardly any internet/wifi and my iPhone also seem to decide to go on vacation, so I was without any signal most of the time.

So we landed in Dubrovnik and we were picked out by our driver in an elegant black mercedes who drove us along the beautiful croatian coast to this charming little harbour. Here a skipper awaited with a speedboat to drive us to the island - Lopud. I've never been in Croatia before, and didn't know what awaited us. But I'm so happy we decided to go to this island, we couldn't have selected a more perfect place:

A room with a view, sunsets, cats and deserted beaches, this is bound to be a good holiday! More photos coming up soon!