The Originals - At The Record Store

Photo Documentary

I'm very fascinated by "ordinary" people and how unique they can be. How people spend their days - the everyday life. So lately I've been interested in photographing "real" people in their own surroundings and documenting their daily life. Listening to their stories and finding out what's important to them is something I feel very rewarding. I'm usually lucky when going on these little expeditions and somehow always end up finding quite original characters.

While working on a short-film a few weeks ago, I discoved this charming little antique store in my neighbourhood. The owner was a very interesting man with a remarkable knowledge regarding music, as well as a great interest in history. He has been collecting antique and original artifacts as well as old records for decades. Two years ago, he decided to open this little shop, so others could buy and enjoy these special items he has collected over the past 30 years. When you enter the store, you enter his world. He always has some good tunes playing in the background and has a story to tell, for everything that's displayed on the shelves.

I think simplicity has a vulnerable as well as beautiful side, that we nowadys so easily fail to notice. And people that might seem very ordinary, tend to be quite the original if one takes the time to get to know them.

Here are the photos I took during the days I was filming.
Meet Mr. Tor Arne Martinsen: